Product Lines

Herman's Mobile Service designs, manufacturers and distributes quality fabricated agricultural implements and components. In addition to selling our own products we are also a proud dealer of several major product lines.

Custom Farm Equipment Traverse City, Michigan

Branson Tractors

Branson Tractors are made by the well-known South Korean company, Kukje Machinery, who currently supplies diesel engines for Cummins. With over 42 years' experience in the industry, Branson Tractors are known for their industry leading lift capacity, heavy duty frame, and ergonomic operator's station. Branson Tractors are equipped with an advanced mechanism and has concentrated on up-to-date environment farming methods and mechanization of agriculture for the better life of mankinds.

Custom Farm Equipment Traverse City, Michigan

HLA Attachments

A division of the Horst Welding Company based in Ontario Canada, HLA Attachment provides innovative equipment and value. In the early 1990’s the HLA product line of “Horst Loader Attachments” was started and has evolved into a comprehensive lineup of attachments.

Custom Farm Equipment Traverse City, Michigan

MK Martin Enterprises, Inc.

MK Martin Enterprises, Inc. began in 1969 manufacturing wooden farm equipment. Today MK Martin manufacturers farm equipment made of steel which includes snow blowers, rotary cutters and tool carriers, hay baskets, bale elevators, horse arena and track conditioning equipments, gravity boxes, implement carriers and 3 point front mount hitch with PTO for compact tractors.

Custom Farm Equipment Traverse City, Michigan


MK Martin's Meteor series snowblowers are built to get your work off the ground with durable performance and high-capacity design. With a range of models from 12 HP compact tractors to 125 HP farm tractors available, nothing moves snow more than being hit by a Meteor.

Custom Farm Equipment Traverse City, Michigan


Jacto is a leading equipment provider to the Agricultural markets throughout the world - supplying a variety of state-of-the art backpack, tractor-powered and self-propelled sprayers and related equipment. Jacto provides highly-engineered and innovative products and services to improve the results of their customers and the health of the planet.

Custom Farm Equipment Traverse City, Michigan


Carrarospray by OCLL of Padua, Italy developes a new range of innovative sprayer machines for agriculture, hobbies, gardening, pest control and fire fighting.

Custom Farm Equipment Traverse City, Michigan


Worksaver began in the 1950sand continues on a path of growth and innovation aided by the latest computer designed products and components, increased manufacturing efficiencies and a commitment to quality. With CNC machining centers, fiber laser shape cutting and robotic welders you can be assured that we will consistently deliver high quality industry-leading products that elevate your productivity. Worksaver, The Logical Choice in Equipment.

Tractor Mounted Equipment Traverse City, Michigan


Rhino® is a leader in the agricultural equipment industry with emphasis on tractor mounted rotary cutters and flail grass mowers, front end tractor loaders, backhoes, and hay mowers; rear blades, post hole diggers, finishing mowers, rotary tillers, boom cutters, and landscape rakes. Rhino equipment is used in agricultural, commercial, or industrial mowing applications, landscape preparation, pasture aeration, roadside maintenance, and many other farm and ranch applications. Three-point, pull-type, and semi-mount units are available.

Airblast Sprayers Traverse City, Michigan


Turbo-Mist Sprayers are market leaders of technology in airblast sprayers using proven air delivery systems designed for professional agricultural use in orchards and vineyards.

Portable Wind Machines

Tow and Blow

Tow and Blow portable wind machines provide effective frost and heat protection to all forms of horticulture—from tree fruits, berries and wine grapes to nuts, vegetables and flowers.

Frost Protection Machines

Agrofrost USA

Agrofrost provides you with a wide complete range of frost protection solutions.

Herman's Mobile Service and Custom Equipment prides itself in providing the highest quality service and products for farming, agriculture and specialty needs. Locally owned and operated in Northern Michigan.

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